Peace in the Rain


         When the sun shines brisk in the day,

  Or the flowers pop up to bloom,

                The birds will sing and the animals play,

              But I prefer the silence of a quiet room.

            Think of the peace, think of the silence!

          Think of the absence of noise so sour!

               Think of the absence of bloody violence!

                                        The only thing you can hear is the “Tap!” of a shower…


              Ah!  Through the window I think I hear,

            The rap-a-tap-tap of the rain so distant,

                  The rap-a-tap-tap of the rain I love so dear:

                        To hear the rain splatter, it sounds so insistent.

                                    Everything is so quiet you could hear a pin drop,

                                       Until you hear the rain singing, “Plop, plop, plop!”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About the rain, and how one can find peace in the rain.  Another Shaksperian sonnet.

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Alli Ohmie's picture

i really like this one because i love silence... and i love listening to the rain. this poem is awesome!

~Peace Rocks~

Becky Zeits's picture

oh rain would be peacefull about now...I love this poem...very placid to the heart...very it...if only all peace could be found within the rain...