Victorian Shilhouettes


Like Victorian silhouettes

Framed inches apart

They danced

Hovering in each other’s breath


Caught in the lungs

The air from the other

Through the dance  


Lips and mouths

Inches apart

They slow danced

In the breath of the other


Lock into

 A dance, a style

They had danced before.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Lips and mouths inches from each other, they slow danced in each others breath, in a dance and style well known to them.  Still working on this

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each others' breaths - I say the words out loud three times, then edit - to erase or rework it. I sometimes add or relocate a word, invert the ideas and turn the end into a modifyer- hmmmmm, Lady A



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Good suggesttion

Good suggesttion