My Empathy

Oh empathy, my empathy!
Why must you play this symphony?
It’s sad, it’s strong,
It’s overwhelming long.
It makes me unstable constantly unable
To think freely or clearly.

My heart feels like it will explode,
I wish you could see under the hood
I hate being misunderstood.
But I would endure every explosion
If it ceased this chaotic implosion.
I fear I’ll never find its ending,

That it’ll always be incomplete
My emotions a daunting feat.
I run from them seeking peace.
A solace that doesn’t feel lawless
I know that I’ll never be flawless,
But I want some measure of control.

To be stable, to be able
To stay and stand by your side
Tired of feeling like I have to hide.
Tell me it’s not too late.
Oh empathy, my empathy
Why must you play this symphony!

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I Like The Theme

Empathy front and center - nailed it. Also, the little elf in the pix is tenacious against the trog. Cool pix. - slc