Three Nights In Denver

Spent my first in Denver with a boy barely
Legal to do the things I did to him. He was
Sweet and naïve, oblivious, I had to make
Sure he understood what I am. To my
Surprise he hardly blinked an eye, talked to
Me like a would be girlfriend and after I
Got him off I gave him what he really wanted,
Reassuring girls would be lucky to have him.
He even talked me into cuddling for a
Moment and that’s when I knew it was time
To go. I indulged so slightly but soon enough
I pulled our bodies apart and left.
Outside I got lightheaded, told myself
The cold and high altitude were why,
Hesitated before believing my lie and
Moving out into the cold sunshine.

The second night I spent looking for a
Certain kind of man, one that would hurt me
As we fucked. I needed someone to fill me
With pain to match what’s inside. A reminder
That I’ve destroyed everything worth having
In my own life, my existence consist of their
Temporary pleasure and my eternal shame.
It took a while but I found my cruel lover,
He liked to choke me with various body parts.
I couldn’t stop crying which only made
Him rage harder, near climax he backhanded
My face, it immediately began to swell.
He didn’t offer to cuddle, just gave my
Roaring face some cool cash, fuck
I needed a drink. Off I went seeking shelter
In the nearest shitty bar I could find.

The final night I spent surfing on waves of
Vodka from bar to bar, no intentions of keeping
Anyone company, just drink until my money’s
Gone. A few people approached me but this
Whore has perfected the art of projecting her
On/Off sign. Late in the night a woman
Approached me, which is pretty unusual.
Before I could even say anything she spoke
“You can drink this entire bar dry honey,
But that won’t fix the look in your eyes.”
I was too drunk and stunned to say anything
At first, I have no doubt that sober me would
Of told her to fuck off. Finally I found my words
“What look in my eyes?” She sat next to me
“You have the eyes of someone who has never
Been held, never been loved.” At this point
I thought she was just messing with me,
This had to be some kind of joke. I just
Sat there, my mouth hanging open, she smiled,
She had an angel’s smile “if you want you can
Spend the night with me, but I’m not paying
You, with money at least, think it over.”
And without waiting for a reply she departed
Back into her corner of the smoky bar.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is the follow up poem to Dreaming of Denver

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I Would Do Damage

to the mind of a 21 year old, at the sign of a choke hold, bullets would fly, and females can stay in their corner. What has happened to men. Just men. Why I am single. Just one.



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I'm sorry, what do you mean?

I'm sorry, what do you mean?

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