I'm afraid to go out.

Everything's erupting
Banging my head against the wall
Why must I persist at
Being so stupid?
You think by now I'd
Have learned something.

Sometimes I get full
Of myself, thinking in terms of
Who is better and who
I should blame.
Caught on things that
Never really mattered.

I'm dishevel all the time.
Unable to commit or focus
On any one thought too long.
I can only imagine how hard
It is to get through to me
I'm as self-absorb as
They come and then some.

For someone so lonely
I'm not making it easy on me.
Cutting off human contact is
My first instinct when
I don't know what's expected.
I use to claim to love
The unpredictable but that
Can't be true when everything
I am is a habit of isolation.

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The Isolatos

Alvin Toffler predicted a while back that loneliness would become epidemic. That's easy. We are born alone, we survive inside our skin, inside a brain's limitations, and seek to join discovering we are apart but given the option to accept or deny the concept of union. It's a life. :D