Life’s been like driving through
A foggy highway. I
Know I should slow down
But you can’t it’s so peaceful.
Ignoring the danger in the
Background, like no matter
What you do everything
Will always be alright.

This false sense of moving
Forward is comforting,
When really it’s a reminder
Of how little I control.
The things that drive me
Are tearing me apart.

Because I’m too weak
To explore. To step out on
My own and embrace
The unknown.

I freeze filling with fear,
Succumbing to silence again.
Thinking that I’m not wanted
That my words and actions
Are always annoying. I’ll
Disappear, retreat because

That’s what I do when I’m
Unsure of my surroundings,
I’m a coward and I hate
Myself for saying that I need
Someone to help me.

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i guess if we slow down we

i guess if we slow down we must face reality,but it might be good

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Discussion at dinner party 10-07-17: some have lots, some litte as life piles on, it rises and falls.