That's not living

We talked of work and school
And we both had our complaints.
I told her “it’s just something
That you have to get through.”

She didn’t like that.

“Where’s the part of life that
I don’t have to just
Get through?

When do I get to live life?
When do I get to enjoy life?
When do I get to savor life?

Tell it to slow down and let me
Soak in every second, to have
Moments I wish weren’t just
Merely passing.

Is this how everyone’s doing it?
They’re just trying to get through?
Get through to what?
The next day, next week,
Next paycheck?

Their death?

No I won’t simply just get through.
I’m gonna laugh until my sides ache
I’m gonna cry until my eyes run dry
I’m gonna find people to fill the
Moments I never want to end with.

You can just get through it if you want,
But that’s not living.”

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