Aimless Wonder

I don't know when I became an
Aimless Wonder, and make no mistake
About it, I am a Wonder. When

I consider all
My feelings
My thoughts
My possibilities
And my capabilities,
I have no doubt.
I am a Wonder.

But that's wrong! That's a lie.
Because I have plenty of doubt

Plenty of insecurities
Plenty of self hate
Plenty of self pity
Plenty of moments

That are defined only by apathy
And a cynicism so concrete it's crushing.
I have trouble seeing what will be,
Even more what could be, but I
Have no trouble seeing what is and
What was, have no problem labeling
All the ways I have failed and
All the ways I will fail. But it's

Not just me. I see it everywhere
I go, a constant confirmation that
This cynicism couldn't be wrong.

I see it in my coworkers complacency
I see it in kids who act too much like adults
I see it in the stranger's empty eyes
I see in in the despairing news reports

And when I consider all
Their feelings
Their thoughts
Their possibilities
And their capabilities,
I have no doubt.
They're Wonders too.

I can't help but wonder if they too
Are feeling more like Malfoy and less
Like Harry. Born into an unwinnable situation,
Destined to fight on the wrong side. Or
More like Grendel and less like Beowulf,
Not a hero or a king to be, but the
Monster who can't communicate and whose
Appearance fated them to always be the enemy.

When did we all become aimless?
When did we stop being wonderful?

I live in a world of Wonders,
But most of us are aimless.

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Purposes Unseen

Seemingly aimless, dictated by circumstance: one's course is blind to an observer and destiny extends wondrous outcomes for the unsuspecting or for those for whom little is expected. That's also the wonder. Love the writing, yet again :D