Fragments Of My Heart


I wish I'd known the harm that our love could bring

I'm searching in my heart for that missing "something"

And I can't find that something with you I'd found

And now it's off the road, I'm hellward-bound

I'm losing my grip on our reality

Where are we going? It's all so blind to me.

I can't tell who you are in the lights of the day

And I'm lost in your eyes while I try to find my way

I wish I'd have known all the damage you would do

So I could get away and stay far away from you

But now I'm left alone with only a broken heart

And tiny fragments and pieces are all so far apart

And I'm losing my grin on our reality

It's sad the pain your love has broughten on me

I wish I knew why you'd said those nasty things you did

But now I'm all alone like a stranded little kid

Nothing could have prepared me for this little road you had

I thought at the beginning you could never be this bad

But now I've lost my way and I'm groping in the dark

Trying to piece together all those fragments of my heart

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*~To Winter~*


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