I Have Lost

I have lived and loved,

Won and lost,

Cried and laughed,

It had a cost.

The blood flows freely,

A choice made wrong,

It slowly surpasses

My pleaing song.

The pleasure was great,

The pain was too,

I had it all,

Until I lost you.

The car was fast,

But I was too,

It still beat me,

Beat me to you.

The car had won,

At too much a cost,

Because I was drunk,

It's you that has lost.

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dyingpoetkr's picture

I think in the last line I would have put, "its you that I have lost". Why? Because of his dumb mistake, he gave up his one true love. I probably would have changed the first 4 lines to get reads attention. But I liked the twist in the poem. It was good.

Pam Butler's picture

Hye Brad
Oh man, I love this poem. I hope it didn't really happen to you, anyway, I'm going now to sign your guest book. Keep 'em coming!!!
ps: go and critique one of mine

Nicole Scalfer's picture

I love this poem. A friend of mine recently passed from Drunk driving, so this really hit home for me. You have good skills, keep writing.