Glass Jar

MY heart is like a Glass jar
Once you break it, it can never be fixed.
So everytime I see you near,
My heart begins to tear.
It's Armor cracks more,
As Glass pieces fall to the floor.
I could never figure why it had to be you.
But now its no longer us two.
So as I start to boo,
You make it seem like you dont give a hoot.
Now that my heart's Glass Jar is broken,
My heart has nothing else to be spoken!

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It is already a beautiful

It is already a beautiful poem!

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to everyone that reads this

to everyone that reads this plzzz comment and help me make better poems .

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Poems are from the heart, and what springs from the heart cannot be made better. This is already perfect. Keep writing

Post Tenebras Spero Lucem

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Great job :) everything you

Great job :) everything you write is coming from you and means most to you with us to enjoy :) I believe all poems are wonderful in expression :) keep up the great works