Empty House

this   empty house  Suffocates me.

the air so hard to breathe

thick with all our memories

buzzing with hyperboles

how could I not for see?

the mistake those words i breathed would be.

I am in the wrong as much as you.

But, If we are both wrong,

What are we to do?

The options way heavy in the reaches of my mind.

I feel my head tilting further, closer, all the time.

But i refuse to choose between these thoughts,

I refuse to decide.

So another choice i must find.

I'm so in love with you

I''m so in love with you

I'm so in love with you

don't you want to see this through?

are the fights so bad that the good times can't compare?

is this little bit of struggle enough to undo all the times you cared?

I want to bleed for this

I have thrown my heart in the air.

you can shred it, tear it and beat it with all your haste,

you can discard it or keep it safe.

It's all yours,

just please,

I beg you,

Catch it before it hits the floor.


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allets's picture

Aired Heart

If it threw my heart in the air, it would be attacked by ugly birds and then the remains would hit the ground. The weight of my heart would crack the concrete, then blood would seep into every crack created new and along the lines of the sidewalk's creation. Your work is soooooo visual - ~~A~~