Tense Danse

We'll never see the Past again.

It funnelled down Time's spiral.

What we knew and felt back then

now Memory, for a while.


Some of us may still believe

we can bring Past back again.

Alas, these folks are doomed to grieve.

Resurrections end in vain.


Others of us learned to deal

With could'a should'a would'a Past.

Present's the only Time that is Real.

Future belongs to That which will last.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Still trying to get my head around Time.

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In Time

Breathe time like air, move through it, ooze if from the pores - time. :D 



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The past are indeed visions of memory mixed with coulda shoulda woulda's. Never truly accurate. So although our mind likes to dwell there sometimes, kinda can't stop it, we work to stay present. Though potential futures start to creep in. Man the moment is a challenging one to receive. Liked your poem. Makes me contemplate.

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