Why did I say Yes?


Why Did I Say Yes?

I turn the corner into the room

To hear you call the devil your groom.

I look at your angelic face

And see the trace

Of that single tear

That one that shows your fear

As I step closer

I hear you whisper


Why did I say yes?

To go to that party?

Why did I say yes?

To that beer you brought me?

Why did I say yes?

To let you touch my lips?

Why did I say yes?

To let you feel my hips?

Why did I say yes?

To go upstairs?

Why did I say yes?

When I saw their knowing stares?

Why did I say yes?

Once you threw me on the floor?

And after all this,

Why did I still say yes?

To be your whore?

You threw me in this hole,

And killed my soul.

I won’t let you kill me no more

Find the razor and lock the door,

Slit my wrists and die on the floor.


I sweep the cups away

Sit and pry the razor away.

 I wrap my arms around you

And it’s just us two

My shoulder for your head

My chest as your bed

To let you fall asleep

And for your life to keep.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hello.  I wrote this for my English class at my high school.  My class liked it, they found it chilling.  So I decided to share it.  My first post, hope you all like it.

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truly amazing.

truly amazing.

The Princess in Waiting


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Thank You!

Thank You!

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I like it

Love the poem man! Great job!