Pain in the soul

I'm tired

Tired of the hate

Tired of the drama

Tired of the fighting




I'm tired of the Darkness

Tired of my town

Tired of the hurting




I'm tired of the people

tired of the war

Tired of the sinning




But mostly,

I'm just fucking Tired.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Pretty much.

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I've feel like this from time

I've feel like this from time to time. Having someone to talk to is always a good place to start. Or just keep writing sometimes it's like draining the poison from your blood. What really matters is that you do something beneficial instead of wallowing in that pain. Trust me that's a mistake I've made too often. Best of luck. Oh and don't know if you are much of a reader but books can be your great escape.

Long days and pleasant nights


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Yes I know.  I am back to writing after a little break.  And I am an avid reader, so I always have that.

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I'm tired of the drama too

I am not writing much poetry these days, posting, unposting, conflicted - still need rest from writing poetry. Tired. To rest I look at the November rains, watch strange movies, read in The Norton Introduction to Literature as if there will be broader vocabulary there and some idea of what is lasting - strange poetry is in there. Our wars are stupid. - I'm Just Saying, Lady A



Lady A