The Savage Tale of the Beauty and the Beast

Lost Treasures

The Savage tale of the beauty and the beast
'Damien's Lost Scripts; A Lost Treasures Redux'
By; The DeadPoet

I didn’t know what to make of her. That sly innocent smile or perhaps those enchanting eyes as she was obviously concealing some deep secret. Whatever it was, I was hooked. Like a dime store junkie I needed her, I wanted her. I could feel a part of me had melted away, but I did not care. Her eyes told me so. Willing to cast aside all my burdens, just to be apart of this rare person's life.
For years I have walked a road of broken dreams, barefoot and knee deep in the agony. Feeling lost in a world of full of maps and road signs, where everyone is quick to offer up directions to go no where fast. As your shadows quickly catch up to you and now you begin to question, the purpose behind the encounter. Through thick or thin all one can do is continue to walk, following their heart as their feet lead them towards their dreams. After walking on broken hopes and false promises for so long, you grow numb and your passion withers as you go blind from the desperation. Giving in to the fake idols, and hungry vultures ready to feast on your body as you fall.

Too much time spent dwelling on the past, on the negativity. Painful memories that only seem to remind me of all the unattainable dreams. Where hope becomes the only tangible course of action to take. For when you cannot see the path before you through the thicket. It's hope that guides you as you march forward when every sign points behind you. Turn back, the voices shout.

'How could I have been so naive as to believe that such a creature as I could be loved. I have allowed too many succubi to break me, A vixen in disguise as she tears out my heart and feasts upon the remains. For a moment before the pain there is a mosaic of happiness. Blinded by my own temptations I followed without any hesitations. I became oblivious to the world around me as I lavished in the ecstasy that was the peace she bestowed to my mind. My senses explored every aspect of this apparition. I could not help but wonder if selling my soul was worth the few moments of bliss I experienced with this vampire. In an era of time where I am not bombarded with the depraved and the obscene, We truly were the beauty and the beast.'

Now in the moment, the deed is once again done, the same familiar sting of irony swarms my mind and takes my thoughts. A part of me accepts this fate, however a question does spark the imagination on just how the ending will be played out. My ever lasting soul on trial, for a moment of happiness. A memory, and now the devil may take my pride. For I will conquer my passion once again and set claim to her smile. I now possess from a simple memory, the catalyst for my hope.

“There was something about her smile,
something mysterious about her eyes
staring into them I grew lost within the tides
trying hard to stay afloat,
In this gamble for love, I go for broke.”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another passage from my upcoming book "Damien's Lost Scripts"

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That was epic, the way you put that together was addicting! Books gonna be superb man.

Beyond the scope of light,

Beyond the reach of dark..

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I agree :)

I agree :)


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Wow im so speechless. It was

Wow im so speechless. It was amazing, it was so smooth, my eyes flyed across the screen as i read it.
It was beautiful and full of your emotions. I felt fear, worry, love, wonder, excitment, but yet greif. I
undersand where your coming from, and its good that your trusting your heart, cause your heart, is
guideing you right. :) Love it! <3