I Dated Mother Nature's Daughter

She is pure and innocent like snow, and I leave my footprints in her soul as I gently walk along,

Asking her out was the first of many decisions that I recently made which were poorly thought out and reasonably wrong.

Suddenly she turns into sleet, and each time she strikes, another sharp spear is stabbed into my unstable side,

I should have examined my options a little more thoroughly before asking this angelic devil to be my bride.

Hail quickly approaches, as she unleashes her animosity toward me with frozen balls of confusion and a vicious blow,

Never did I take the time to ponder that someone thought of so highly and powerful could act so conniving and low.

My toxic tears fall down like rain, and I slowly begin to sink and drown,

The terrible torture I must endure for assuming the extra point kick would sail perfectly between the goal posts after scoring a touchdown.

At times it seems as if the sun attempts to peep through the stratus clouds, offering a forgiving smile and a helping hand,

But I just turn the other cheek and refuse to once again sink in her deceiving quicksand.

I pay no attention to the shapes she creates in the sky and ignore the colorful rainbow she made for me,

Even if I decided to take a short glance, all that my corrupted eyes would see are the many splendid shades of gray as I silently stared at her atrocious acts of pseudo generosity.

I walk alone in the woods and feel a tree limb tap my shoulder,

A campfire that she has created for me awaits at my resting place, but I quickly kill the flame, for I prefer to feel the frost when my heart grows colder.

I kneel on the water's edge to get a drink and I see her reflection on the surface of the pond,

The trees whisper like lost voices calling out my name, but I hear only wind and refuse to respond.

She is everywhere, and from her wrath there appears to be no escape,

She pollutes my mind as I pollute her soil and we both simultaneously scream "rape".

When the moon retires and the sun awakes, I wonder if tomorrow I will be fortunate enough to see,

As the sun disappears beyond the horizon, I know that she still somehow has one eye open watching me.

Upon the crowded streets on an opaque October night, she is often hard to come by,

But as one wanders off the beaten path and takes the road less traveled, she can still be seen in the distance or up in the sky.

I can hear her painfully scream as I crush her fallen leaves and shattered heart on the dirt below,

I will never be able to dream again at night as long as she keeps me caught in the inescapable undertow.

These bitter words and empty feelings are a continuous sad exchange,

How depressing it is to suddenly watch the weather drastically change.

It doesn't matter if her weapon of choice for the day is sleet, snow, hail, or rain,

Because even if she could promise eternal sunshine, I would still never wish to be by her side again.

She will never leave me alone, even if I write "goodbye" on all the street signs to my house and "farewell" on my welcome mat,

Avoiding her is impossible, and I guess that I just have to simply deal with that.

Expecting everlasting bliss and receiving the world's worst known case of rejection,

I've come to find that Mother Nature is a bitch, and her daughter is certainly no exception.

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