She brought
two pieces of cake
her mother had made
to the pond


she termed our lake  
and we sat
on the dry summer grass
she unwrapped the paper


and handed me
the slice of cake
looks good
I said


it is
Judith said
she can do
some things right


the cake was sweet
and soft
and mouth watering
I held the cake


over my palm
collecting every crumb
she looked out
over the pond


the still skin
of water
flies hovering
over the top


bird calls and songs
and the sun seeping
the tall trees


she had her hair tied
in an untidy bun
at the back


her grey dress
came to the knees
dimly flowered
I sneaked these out


Judith said
not often
I get the chance
well done


I said
the last few crumbs
were gone now
just a damp palm


where they had been
she finished hers
and licked her palms
do you remember


when we first
came here?
she asked


I said
and I was frozen
and my fingers


were numb
she smiled
yes and I licked them
warm again


I smiled too
it had been
as she said
frozen fingers


sucked warm
her mouth over
the fingers
one by one


wouldn't do it
for just anyone
she said
I hope not


I said
that first kiss
recall that?
she asked


of course
while carol singing
and the moon bright


and you embracing me
and our lips
kind of met
you embraced me too


she said
your lips met mine
they did I recalled
sitting there


next to her
her body so close
to mine
I could hear


her heart beat
her pulse race
what carol
were the others


she asked
haven't a clue
I said


too busy kissing
and you had
your hand
drawing me tighter


to you
on my backside
yes I did
didn't I


a bird flew across
the pond noiseilly
we looked up
caught sunlight


with our eyes
bird sounds
clouds passed
her hand


touched mine
a tingle raced
along my nerves
ringing bells


in my head
years have fled
time emptied away
and she is dead.


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sweetwater's picture

I thoroughly enjoyed reading

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, it had me hooked all the way through. Bit confused at the last line- did you mean she herself had died or were you refering to time ? or something else? Lovely read anyway. :-) x

Dadio's picture

Thank you.

Thank you, sweetwater. Yes, she died from cancer in 1993.