In dark dreams
I walk again
those empty
hospital corridors


with their dull lights
and smell of disinfect
and death
in those dreams


I look for you again
my son
passing by
the blanks faces


of others
looking at
their eyes
for glimpses of life


or concern
or such  
as humans
sometimes have


I go by
room after room
pass porters


the occasional trolley
by the various
side wards
passing by


the bright lights
of hospital shops
in the dream
I am hoping


to find you once more
sitting there
on the bed
your back turned


your head lowered
but this time
I am hoping
for a healthier you


my son
not one so ill
so lost
in this dream


sunlight shines
through the window
of the small ward
a bird sings


not that dull curtain
the murmur
of voices
the usual limbo like


air about the place
this time my son
I wish to find you well
looking at me


with your own
familiar smile
not that haunted


and tired eyes
that draw from me
a steam
of deep felt cries.


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