Ole would have loved
New York
he often said
he’d like to go


before untimely death
and stopped the show
I can see him now


treading at his own
casual pace
walking the sidewalks
taking in the streets


block by block
glancing down alleys
seeking out
the dives or clubs


hearing the music
in the smoky air
visiting a bar or two
having a beer


or Jameson whiskey
sitting on a bar stool
alone in his quiet manner
dressed in his black


dark glasses
and black hat
(even in summer


he felt the cold)
maybe then
he was getting old
not saying


as was per norm
what troubled him
no one telling him
what to do


I can see him
go in the stores
and walk
in his usual


laid back tread
taking in a show
on Broadway
and being in spirit


not flesh and blood
getting in to see
for free
and that


would have brought on
his Mutley chuckle
that infamous Ole grin
or smile


but I guess
he may not
have gone alone
but have gone


with some other
in their ghostly shade
a Hendrix
or Jim Morrison


walking side by side
and I wish
it could have been me
there by his side


drinking in
his gentle quietness
and deep breath
if he hadn’t had


that sudden
out of the blue
29 year old death.

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