"My Simple Life (Pandemic Edition)"

by Jeph Johnson


In '92 people told me
I'd like The Real World.
It ruined why I wanted my MTV.

When they say
American Pie was the day
The music died.
I say Nevermind.
Nirvana was '91.
But both Buddy and Kurt are gone


No more nineties, Y2K
Several suggested Survivor.
Instead my intellect
Insisted on isolation
Voting me off the
Island indirectly.
Anyway I'd grown up
Giggling to Gilligan.


Thirteen years went by
Trying to appeal again
To my prurient interests
Naked and afraid
To preempt my passion for
Ginger and Mary Ann;
They blurred everything exciting.


People insisted I'd adore
The Apprentice once a week,
Firing everyone around.
But now I must endure
A Presidential prick every hour.
And no one's able to bring him down.


'02; the year I engaged
The Bachelor premiered.
"You'll like it a lot", they said
It's lasted three times longer
Than my marriage
But not as long as my Dad's.


I'm unable to envision
Watching Tiger King
When I can't keep up with
The Kardashians.
2020 is not 20/20.

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A flash

Thru the past  ~S~
Star Trek took me boldly where no one has gone before :D