"No Doubt What My Country Needs"

by Jeph Johnson


No doubt what my country needs 

Instead of conserving energy 

Is less Conservative entropy 

And fewer civil liberties; 

Especially for illegal refugees. 

A reinvestment in "me" 

And what's mine; 

Not progress for the rest 

On my dime especially

Oh yes, what my country needs 

Is more corruption and greed; 

More reduction of our means 

Of production, under siege 

By the rise of smart machines 

Under the guise of more achievement 

And more profit, yet less reason. 

For disruption of our freedom 

Is seduction: "Love or leave it". 

Fair taxation is a disease 

So the only guarantees 

Are in shelters overseas 

Or to barter "enemies" 

Quid pro quo until it pleases 

Heads of state in foreign nations. 

Billionaires and their trustees 

Pollute your air, litter the seas? 

I don't care! Chop down the trees 

And frack the rocks cuz I believe 

Businesses who lobby

And finance the G.O.P

My Grandpappy's 



See they've got monopolies

On my phone and my TV

So all my utilities

Will help me take selfies

Most frown on Presidencies 

Like the Kennedys

Who are seen as royalty

So best lock up Hillary! 

So Don Jr., Eric, Ivanka,

Barron or even Tiffany

Heck all his progeny

Will get a chance to lead

My proud nation agrees 

Who's at fault: the foreign sleaze; 

Those not honoring the police 

Who might face some unease 

By black boys wearing hoodies; 

Football players taking knees

Dishonoring military

Worshipping false deities. 

It's not my God or policies, 

Or way of life to practice fun: 

Yes embryos should own a gun! 

It's our right! 

We must retain supremacy, 

We're whites 

Hell bent on purity; 

One happy family, 

Still the majority; 

It's "Heaven sent", 

Not bigotry, geez! 

Our music's even 

Called "country"; 

So it's no doubt 


You may not believe

But if you don't agree

Ask Gwen Stefani

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