by Jeph Johnson

How people have 19 nervous breakdowns is beyond comprehension.  I'm having a long slow one. In fact my mid-life crisis started at about 19 and is still going on. If it is a true mid-life crisis when the crisis ends it'll be nice to know I've still got 19 more years left to live. 

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Mind-Life C

1stly, this write was thoroughly enjoyed - so, that's what that was! I think the idea is to reinvent oneself during those, you know, take a mistress, experiment with alternate sexes, a sudden onset like menopause in males - a slow recession of hormones that leave the mind out of sync with oh, the world, the body, the blood pressure, stuff like that. 19 years is an odd number of years. I tend to think in decades. This may be significant. Thought provoking indeed! - and so from your head to the page. - slc