DaddyO's BDSM

by DaddyO


Kink is a coiled community

Of infantile introverts 

With borderline personalities

Seeking abuse 

From sadistic predatory 

Narcissists and histrionic 

Extroverts hell bent on hurting 

Rather than helping. 

Power exchange is 

Vampiric co-dependence 

At worst and bargaining 

Give and take at best.  

I'd like to break free from that

And love; hit with a mitt. 

Speak sensual not sadistic.   

Enthusiastic consent 

No matter how enthusiastic 

It appears at the time 

Is always revoked when regret 

Inevitably besets a relationship.

So you become their rapist.

Their stalker. 

Their abuser. 

Without raping 

Or stalking 

Or abusing.

Love is not improbable,

It's impossible.  

No, it's not you, it's them; 

They need to get their life 

Back on track before

Any of this can happen. 

But by then you've 

Violated a boundary

You didn't know existed.

Soon they're in another's arms

Or under another's hand 

Once again bound 

Recoiled in a ball of anxiety. 

But it's bondage 

So it's okay. 

It's discipline, 

It's how we play

Dominance displayed

Domineering fearfulness

That makes submission

Seem substantial

Sado-masochism real

Makes it feel

Knotted together

Momentarily ideal

In supposedly consensual

Ordeals of control

Being batted around

Because there's no sound

No check in for my minutiae

No safe word for her specifics

No red for her, no green for me

I prefer pleasure 

But it's always pain

It has to be, 

When you've

A toxic addiction 

To melancholy

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allets's picture

Target Hit

"...But by then you've /Violated a boundary..." and "...you've/A toxic addiction/To melancholy..." these are lines from your brain's syntax that stuck home. Well said. - slc