"Cuddles, Comfort, Company and Companionship"

by Jeph Johnson

Anxiety and depression that's not cured by cuddles, comfort, company and companionship appear to be the fate of most people I know who suffer these ailments. 

A good percentage of them are self described introverts.  

In fact for many of these people, cuddles, comfort, company and companionship seem to make the anxiety and depression worse for them.

I am an extrovert and my anxiety and depression is literally cured by cuddles, comfort, company and companionship.  

Hello!  I am telling the world that I have found a cure for anxiety and depression that works for me! 

Just because my anxiety and depression is not the "clinical" type and does not fit into the "incurable" realm doesn't mean it's not real. 

In fact I find it strange that I've given people actual active solutions to remedy my anxiety and depression but the only people who want to empathize with me are others suffering from anxiety and depression ...and unfortunately what is my cure is what makes their anxiety and depression worse.  

Is there anyone out there who thrives on cuddles, comfort, company and companionship?  Send her to me and "happily ever after" might actually be a thing again. 

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Too Cute Ending

So, if we follow your logic, the cure to anxiety, depression etc is to become and extrovert. Right? U no me, 2 introverted to actually share my opinions with other people and how I feel about things. Honestly, I don't know why I write at all. Way to middleverted. :) slc



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Becoming an extrovert has not

Becoming an extrovert has not helped me because the only potential companions I find are people who are introverted and as soon as their own depression and anxiety hits them I am no longer a part of their lives.  Ideally I could meet someone like myself who keeps the other's anxiety and depression in check.