"Awkward Thoughts on My Ex-Wife's 45th Birthday"

Jeph Johnson


"The time between meeting and finally leaving

is sometimes called falling in love" ~ Lisa Loeb


Your smile was something that always renewed me even when not everything else thrilled me


Meaning the plans you had to no longer include me became the frown that almost killed me


I still have a hard time calling you "ex" despite sharing the same king size bed

Irreconcilable differences can be very complex, and are the differences we had


Somewhere between comfort and intensity partners will seek something new again

Still no one before and no one since ever got me to say "I do" again


I may or may not be a better man than I was when we tied the knot

And I surely can't be better than the man you eventually got


There are many seasons of love in life and I'm proud of the seasons we shared

The eight years you were my wife in my memory keeps me prepared


To dream again and hope for another who stays yet leaves me inspired

Presents me deserving one hell of a lover who displays enthusiastic desire


Still nothing's the same as when you were mine, yes everything's different too

I may never again feel serene and sublime but that's finally just my job to do






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Hindsight is clear, it is the present, the present! Thought filled writing - allets -