"Ode to Savory Tarts"

by Jeph Johnson


 Savory tarts are what I crave

 Wholesomely accepted without shame

 Nonetheless they feed me sweets

 The only food I shouldn't eat

 That go straight to my pancreas

 Releasing an instantaneous

 Fatigue that makes my body weaken

 Breaking down what I've been eating

 Devouring more savory tarts

 Will not improve diabetic charts

 Nor make one's A1C behave

 Inching closer to the grave

 But oh they taste so damned delicious

 Despite their lackluster nutrition


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allets's picture

No Sugar Rush

Just a sugar rise. I fell into some gummy bears last week and enjoyed them guiltily, but oooooooh! I'm better now. I have memories. :D