poems 1

Quill must not succumb

Unlit mind full of fear

Eradicating the fuel of hope

Eroding the core of the Idea

Now is the time to be civic

Stand and teach


Force back the fog

Of the dim ego

Reveal the hidden charm

Train the minds of those

Relegated to suffer in this place

Evict the darkness ignorance it would tempt

Secure the light to them

Secure their minds release

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Did you get the secret message?

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You are so great.

Wonderful work.

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You are to kind 

You are to kind 

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No, it's a secret. But I did feel that way about college. ~allets~

a mind is a terrible thing to hold hostage/mind over matter, I mind, you don't matter/the great mandella/windmills of the mind/freedom must be earned like trust and loyalty/relevance! Like that.



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Right on sister a mind is

Right on sister a mind is where an idea is born an idea can blossum into such beauty