How do I answer

poems 1

I walked in the door          A little tired a little sore

I walked up to you. . . . . Kiss             Emotional Bliss

Then I hear          What I fear 
You ask what         I know         I must answer
How was your day?          It Flashes in a blur

What should I say          Say about my day
What should I share          So you can show that you care 




                     How do I answer?


About the one           Who pulled a knife         Told me I was done
Or the guy              Who smoked the water            Got so high
He removed another's eye              forgot his reason why
The one who sat in my chair              With the blank stare
Had a Devilish grin              Told me his father was Satin
Oh where to begin             where to begin

Then there's the boss      Angry Hoss
Calls drunk        As a skunk
Says I'm not on his team         What does that mean
Idiot has no class           Told him to kiss my ass
I will be getting wrote up          They should make him piss in a cup

Went up the hill      Brought one down        That the homies want to kill
All the weapons and drugs that I took           They left a YG on the hook
Filed all the reports              Listened to all the retorts 
Listened to the OG              He's going to put a hit on me 
                          Threatened my family
Get in his face        Remind him who I am            Put him in his place

My answer for all that it could be 
I do live in society 

So what can I say  To make you think I am ok
Even if it's not true today

Oh.... Honey it was pretty good 
Everything went as it should

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I Never Told

anyone about my day actually - to much like reliving the agony. The good stuff, I kept that close to the chest too. Home is for healing and helping and loving and keeping in the dark ~most days ~a~




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Yeah I agree

Yeah I agree