poems 1

You walk in

                                                                              Your presence fills the air

As you start to grin

                                                                              Forget I ever had a care

Nails lightly trace

                                                                              Chills through my flesh flow

Your arms embrace

                                                                              Time moves so slow

Run your fingers through my hair

                                                                                It all melts away

Sweet whispers in the air

                                                                                My hearts song begins to play

honey . . . . .Honey?
Dinners ready,
Didn't you hear me a second ago?
                                                                                  uh . . . . no?

    Ugh . . . . . MEN !!!!

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Slice of Love

The scene is loving and nice to read about - all those signals for touching who wants food - well that kinda food anyway? - nice write ~allets~



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Well you know men and our

Well you know men and our primal instincts...lol