poems 1

At the end of the day 

My burden.... still heavy never fades

I can't just walk away


It's easy to count all I have to be grateful for

Those things that should bring me comfort 

On bended knee I give thanks and not ask for more


We fought the fight

Playing the game

Did it both day and night


On me those people depend

I walked with them as the blood ran

Some I even called friend


At the end of the day

When all else has gone from me

My burden still weighing me down


All my focus is on what pains 

Trained how to get through the day

Still don't know how to make it right 


Another night without sleep

Images flash in my mind 

A reminder of the ones I failed



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The Ones I've Failed?

I ponder the one's I helped, and sleep great! ~allets~



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