A Bug On My Screen

Humorous Poetry

There's a bug

On my computer screen,

It's the ugliest bug

I've ever seen.

It's looks like a spider

But it has horns,

What kind of bug has horns?

I'll smack it, with a shoehorn.

Nah, too drastic for my liking

I'll grab some toilet paper,

Stick it in the toilet

And let it smell the vapours.

Copyright Cynthia Jones


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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

Dont know what kind of bug you had on screen but thought it funny the burial at sea hahahlol..

cynthia's picture

Thank You


Thank you so very much for stopping by to read and leave a comment. I truly appreciate it. I don't have any idea what kind of a bug it was either. Hehe Oh, it had a burial at sea all right.

*S* Cynthia

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