The Flames That Condemn

Depressed Poetry

The Flames That Condemn

Set to drift amidst the broken dreams

of countless lost souls without hope.

Their tear drops soak the peeling walls,

leaking scars across the still wet paint.

Screams smothered by the thread that

holds their lips together for eternity.

Dying dreams of smiles and rainbows,

destroyed by the loss of hope for more.

Promises of a lost childhood spill through

the lips of the deceitful and cloud the minds.

Instantly breaking the hearts of the waiting,

holding onto their hopes by a single string.

Taunting the corrupted souls of the weak,

clawing at the lost and broken hearted.

Letting go of that last hope as they burst

into the flames of hell that condemn them.

Trapped forever between the worlds of

temptation and corruption, what's left?

Their tears left behind as the only record

of a life that once existed in this place alone.

Binding their arms and tying them to a tree,

lost to their eyes, sacrificing the unwanted.

A gift to the imaginary god that hates them,

trapping themselves into a world of misery.

Lies slither their way around the necks of the

innocent, ridding them of their next breath.

Gasping, they reach for a sliver of truth,

but die with the poison still locked in their veins.

Staring through the window leading to this world

all that we hear is the darkness surrounding us.

Sit still to watch as the blackness consumes

our hearts, ripping the life from within our soul.

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Daniel Kapaun's picture

I decided to chance a glance of your work and wasn't dissapointed by it. This poem in particular was quick to catch my attention. The fact that you use such a unique style of writing kept me staring hard into each word as my eyes traveled over it.