Not Again


I did it again I hurt someone else.
Not meaning to, I never do intend,
To cause them harm. But I always do.
Even with this one, I tried to say I
Couldn’t love him just because I knew
I was dating Brian. But he fell for me
And he ended up getting hurt.
Not deeply but still, I know that the
Hurt is still there. I told him at the
Beginning that I just couldn’t love him,
And I told him about the other guy
That I was dating. And even still,
He fell for me. It’s the knowing that he was
In love with me that’s the real problem.
Now I feel do deeply badly for him.
Because I knew and I let it go on,
Let him fall for me. That’s the real pain.
I suppose I should have told him,
What I was Aphrodite. But then again,
I did. I just didn’t do it forcefully enough.
Perhaps if I had told him about the dangers
Falling in love with me presented…
But then again, I couldn’t have known,
But then again, maybe it’s my fault.
Because I let him tell me he loved me.
And I responded back with the same.
Maybe that was the real problem.
Even though we both said I ‘love’ you,
Just like that. With apostrophes and all,
The real meaning was right there all along.
I think that now that I am writing this
As a poem, I realize what a mistake that was.
I let the feeling happen. And for that
I am sorry, Gene; I didn’t mean to
Break your heart; for that I am so sorry.

Written on
April 15, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was about Gene, about what our friendship became. Its still friendship but...

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