It’s funny the way

People can make you feel

So is this feeling mine?

Or what you want to be real


You made me feel guilty

For wanting to leave

And for wanting to stay

So what will it be Steve?


I feel the guilt of her

Her presence weighs down on me

But through her

I’ve begun to see


The real you, the buried you

The part you kept concealed

The part of you

That I unknowingly revealed


I know there’s no taking it back

No way to be where we were

I uncovered your hate and jealousy

Your dependency – that’s for sure


And now I’m the blame for all of this

I am the one in the wrong

Maybe I am – maybe I couldn’t see

How your need could run so long


Straight through the heart of me

And back through my chest

You drove your need

Never giving me a moments rest


Now I want to leave who you’ve become

The you I helped create

For that I am so sorry

But it’s me who's begun to deflate


The weight of your guilt

To much for me to bare

And you’re driving me to a place

I don’t think Satan would go there


Leave now and take your heart

Please believe I never wanted to leave

Even though I’m going now

Remember I really did love you Steve



Written on

September 6, 2005

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written right at the end of my "marriage" with Steve. The other person I wrote about was his daughter, Kendra Elaine Swallows. I really do think that I loved him. Even though I know now that it would never work.

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