Violen Solo


Maybe I want to cry, or maybe its just the heat of suffering overcoming this malignant corpse of a being, just kick the down guy, and maybe he'll understand why we're superior. All this death is over-whelming, I don't know why people have to deal with death because some people decide its time for other people to die. It's an accident? Yeah well you're god's accident. He fucked you up bad. Drinking and driving is no accident its a cry for morality, but no ones listening so you make an example outta yourself...but leave everyone else out of it assholes. Such a fucked up society, such a relentess degredation of animals. Don't make relgious views our rules, but don't sacrifice people to break those rules either. How about I light up a ciggarette and decrease your life expectancy by 5 seconds with every puff I take? And when you're in the hospital with cancer maybe you will understand exactly how they felt before they died. Maybe when you don't get that call from your friend when you were supposed to hang out and get pissed off at him, and call him up and bitch at his mom only to find out he died because of some ass-holes drunken parade will you understand, will you feel so incapable...feel so guilty that you never told him he was your best friend. Just wait until it happens to you, and violen solo will end.

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yellowspecks's picture

Sad and well thought out, it realy makes me think. Great piece. Rae

babe1233's picture

hey sweetie wow this is amazing i shed some tears it touched me so much and its writen very beautifuly ehhe well you keep at it

love babe forever