Promise kept

i lay in my bed and think of nothing but you. i smile at the feeling i get,because im so happy im with you. Even people treated you like trash, i found you to be my firey sweet honey is your love is sweet that its almost sufforcating. I made a promise to be your man even when you said you dont need a man. I lost count of how many times i said i love you ,but if that lil bird sings,it'll say i love you too. My love for is deep with my promise to you. no matter what they say bae my PROMISE TO YOU

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Loved it.

Loved it. It shows the power of your love, depths of your character, a part of personality, and that you're a hopeless romantic. I'm a hopeless romantic to a degree myself and some of the most talented, amazing writers on this site are the same way. Well done.

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thank you

thank you so much i live my girlfriend entirely too much thanks for writing that thanks!!!