The World We Live In

We live in a world where so many prisons are filled

Where so many brothers and sisters are killed

Where even if there is not a purchase we get billed

With the burdens of the past

Running a race where we are supposed to finish last

Many minds are ruled by cash


The spirit of greed is placed our seeds 

Mothers grieve 

Sons and daughters suffer 

Fathers wonder 

If life can get any tougher 


The streets run by babies and fools

It is hard to look at the news 


 Now Black bodies lay where black bodies pray 

This darkens my spirit and my day


They know they can’t stop the power of our tongues 

So they try to take the breath from our lungs

 A sister’s face pressed into the pavement

It feels like modern day enslavement


Who created this mentality?

Everyday another case of police brutality. 

Young brothers painted as thugs 

Hatred is given without the love.  

Now our people are upset 


A demand for justice that must be met.

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Mad Men

There is a line from the West Wing when the secret service agent says after an attempt on the president, "It was the act of mad men." Blaming groups is one way to salve the anger, but nowadays, it's one or two people plotting and executing civilians and police. It is a strange outcome. We can't revolt or organize one, (except to march and protest and go on strike generally) so the mentally challenged pick up a gun and spray a crowd (or return from military service and target police officers). Stange, no? It just feels like we are under seige. Truth is, there never was a time when "we" were not under seige. ~Lady A~