Always Keep on Loving You

Divorced Poems

You and I were some couple.

We were going out for almost three years.

But I never imagined all the hurt,

Until I shed all those tears.

I do not regret being with you at all,

All of our times were great.

But I do regret all the fights,

The arguements and debates.

If you and I would have only known,

Things were turning in the wrong direction,

We could have worked things out

And made that oh so important correction.

Time passed by and our fights got worse.

Both of us knew that it was not the same

And we were always so mad and upset

But we knew we were both the one to blame.

Anthony, I am sorry for all I have done.

I Love You and I am sorry!

In time you and I broke up.

The one word I never wanted to say about us... "Apart"

Was now reality

And I did something wrong to heal my broken heart.

This did not heal one pain for me.

It was the worst thing I could do

And what hurts me the most...

Is that I did it to you.

This shows me that my pain cannot go away.

A new relantionship could not heal my broken heart

And I sit here wishing I could tell you how much I am sorry

But I do not know where to start.

I will never stop loving you.

No matter what I say or do

Or put myself through

I will always keep loving you.

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Mark Fiorentino's picture

Very realistic. Good rhythm. Well done

justme4him's picture

you put so well feeings into words,it is a deep poem,
keep doint it

poetvg's picture

beautifull work