A True Friend

~What are friends for?

good question...

with my friends,

I have an obsession.

~cuz to me

having a friend

means a lasting relationship,

until the end.

~friends are someone

to talk to

when your day

has been nothing but blue.

~When you have a true friend,

they are only a call away.

and to tell you

that everything will be okay.

~Friends are there

during good and bad.

and they don't leave,

even through happy and sad.

~My friends are here,

today and tomorrow...

and will always be there,

in joy and in sorrow.

~So to all my friends,

I thank you TONS!

I don't know who I'd be without you,

probably nothing much.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

*FRIENDS* dedicated to: Melinda, Sarah, Kyle, and Anna. i love you guys...

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saiom's picture

Allah Akbar
Allah Malik

God is the only owner

May all have friends as loyal as you