365 challenge


Soil has a drying dirty heavy feel

Lying in the wrong area of your mouth

And you spit, and spit

And you claw, scraping any remainders away,

Yes the ground rushed up too fast,

Hands out forwards to push the surgence away.

But it bit back on your fingers and knees

And there they are

the dripping fierce red drops,

A sticking plaster! A sticking Plaster!

To gate them in,

Through hazysobs and hacking spits.


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So Much Immediacy


To read and fall, the grit amouth repeated as if pain throbbed. The plaster cure-all. Common on kids, a badge of embarassment on adults. The fall and nothing to stop the tornhurt or the cure waiting. Bravo! Write on!






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Thanks for the encouragement

Thanks for the encouragement Lady A! xP

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This is quite spectacular, to

This is quite spectacular, to me. Too visual for it's own good, a moment in time when my speeding bike fell through a damaged wood plank on a boardwalk and the ground did indeed rush up too fast flooded my mind. And then the drama of the bandaid. I had to laugh. Well done, I think :)

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Its one I think alot of

Its one I think alot of people can relate to as  a child. Thanks for commenting. xP

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good, strong imagery here. 

good, strong imagery here.  well done

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Thank you George. xP

Thank you George. xP

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You describe the scene (and the emotions) very vividly and very skillfully. An excellent poem!

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Thank you for the lovely

Thank you for the lovely comment. xP