365 challenge


Concrete conceit is stranded, still,

Admiring its own horizon,

Arrogantly not understanding,

To turn around,

Only turn around,

No! Doesn't spy the higher ground,

Unseeable, buoyed in a noonday shadow,

It needs disturbing,

Continuing on, onto what is new.


Intelligence knows,

To climb and do, 

Burns instead and smiles

Ahead, breathes discreetly,

Rises, strives,

Shines are forward sorting,

Beyond the dark and empty sights,

The glory of a perfect blue,

Ad infinitum


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Still at it!!

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allets's picture

"...forward sorting..."

An optimistic line, keep the life force roving, the body moving, the mind planning. Like a drover, "Forward ho!" Like the positivity of this write. Still at it? Oh yes. :D slc