All and nothing

If I told you,

What I know,

Could you hold it,

In blocked up ears?

Would you hear it,

And let it go?

Or would there be other crawling ears,

That dance delightfully at hidden views?

Whispering reeds with open mouths,

Echo roundly.

Suffocate your tongue,

A secret shared,

Is now naked not fared,

And there will be no stone,

To crawl back under.

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allets's picture

Peeking Out From Beneath My Stone

I mispoke, really, said it without thinking. So, back under the stone I go, trying to keep it dark. Great universal theme - well said, well sculpted and well felt - Lady A




fuche_bu's picture

I need my stone to crawl back

I need my stone to crawl back under.  Please don't take that away from me.  WinkInnocent