Uncover Me

365 challenge



Uncover me,

Till no words can fit or form,

Till freedom is my truth,

Uncover me,

From the lullabies of youth,

And its deepening lie of strength,

Uncover me,

Lost of all shrieking feeling,

Till purity is my being,

Uncover me,

And I'll leave in peace,

My incidental time.

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allets's picture

Enjoyed The Word Play

Youth is transitory - :D



a.griffiths57's picture

Truth, strength and purity an

Truth, strength and purity an ambitious combination. Liked your poetry; your poem left me with one big question "where to find all these qualities". Your poem makes the reader think, coffeepot. Good write.




Coffeepot's picture

Thank you. xP

Thank you. xP