Beyond the Thorns


What lies ahead
Beyond these thorns
Of shadowed nights
And wintry storms?

We freeze our dreams
For warmer days
And stumble blind
Through misty haze
Unique to you
Oblique to me
Such twisted words
of fallacy…..

In times of fear
I’ve sold my soul
Content to live
On cruise control 

But now…

What lies ahead?
God only knows
Of future days
And long ago
My debts are paid
And prayers are said
With faith to see
What lies ahead.b

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The Future

beckons all of us, to meet it with joy and uplifted hearts is preferable to dread, but it is all about the spectrum of emotion and purpose - up or down, to move is the point. Inspiring write - allets -




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Dear Allets

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....