Choices, that’s what life is if you think about it

It’s choosing and deciding, its options & decisions,

Like how much, what size, are you taking or are you giving?

Your hearing or are you listening? You speaking true facts or talking pulp fiction.

Sorta like fruit or cereal to eat before I go to work

Call it frivolous decisions right? But life is work. Day in and Day out.

But don’t take my word ask Keisha, a single mom with 2 kids

She gotta work because they gotta live

She gotta cook because they gotta eat

They listening now so she gotta watch what she speaks

She gotta feed them before they go to sleep

And now she just gotta with no choice

She already made that decision a while ago in a silent voice

And now its mommie and her lil bundle of joy

And don’t even ask about ole’ boy

That’s like talking ‘bout a broken toy

She’ll tell you though if she had to do it all over again

She’d choice a different kind, someone strong in the mind

Someone just a little be more refined, more in tuned to who am I

But that’ll be another choice to make later on down the line

Now her time is on grind and free time is a special calculation of we plus I

Equals us and that’s whether by camel, by carriage, by back or bus

Then game over and the rest of that stuff is just dust off your shoulder

You realize life ain’t how it was supposed to

Times goes by you get a little older and wise up

Eyes open to the skies scooping about to get up

Knowing now it goes from details, hard facts and the cold truth

But this really is old news like your down home blues

But poetic justice is sweet symphony and it’s just true

That really it all comes back and points to you

Who is you?  What were you doing? How did you put it down?

That’s the echo I hear from Tupac now

Even Kanye Getting out his dreams

My cousin thinking about stop running the streets

And next up is my little brother ‘P’

Because in the end the ledger of a mans life will tally up

With all the accounts made and the penalties paid

Check yourself because life is all about choices made.

By Chyren Hayes

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saiom's picture

Dear Chyren,

Dear Chyren,

Please keep writing and posting...

you bring to life the difficulties of a young mother .. and those we all
have as we face forks in the road

Your name is close to Chiron, a star term for 'the teacher'

God bless you



chyren's picture

thx saiom

Thanks alot for the love. you wouldnt believe i was coming to take this whole profile down. Ironic story behind that. Anyway I do aim to teach through my work and just my everday.
I reeeeeeaaalllly appreciate you reading my stuff. Im well aware there's soooo many people out there ,on the web, tv, radio, open mic venues , countries and continents. And you stumled across my assembly of words and got somethig out of it. Now that is a pure blessing and the reason why we all do what we do. For the Love of the Art. If ur so inclined to i have put out a book recently. A downloadable version at
Again thank you for even showing some love to my work.