He will be missed (in memory of Tiny)

He was the middle one, in our gang of three
There was Ronnie, Lawrence and third was me.
From early on, trouble we were
just ask Sis, we tried burning her.
I was to young to remember that time
Mom tells it well, and how she made us three whine.
I do remember some times we had
like the brothers three; at the lake with dad.
I hope dad greets you, when you arrive
then you'll both have love by your side.
Lawrence will be missed by more then me
He was loved by more, then just family!
I remember too when I got shot
The gun in his hands, believe it or not.
he dropped the gun, and off he ran
Because I'd kick his ass, and you know I can.
Yes dear brother, we had some times
So in your honor, I write these rhymes.
I will miss you, truly I will
Tho sometimes we fought, I loved you still!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

dedicated in honor of my brother who passed away at 9:42 am on 01/01/2013
Goodbye Tiny...

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