To him, they want to get through,

              Their fear, their tears, that they never do.

                      They all want him to let go.

                      When they ask him , he says no.

                      There's nothing that they can do.

                       It's true, they are all blue.

                      Every day is not new.

                    They could not him reach.

               They could not him teach.

                     Addiction.  Addiction.

               It's more painful, more scarier than fiction.

                           Every day is the same.

                           It drives them insane.

                  They know he does it to take away the pain.

                        They have pain too.

                       They wonder when he'll be through.

                          Addiction.  Addiction.

               It's more painful, more scarier than fiction.

                     They know alone it'll never end.  

  They'll need to get involved.  To stop this door revolved.

                      They'll need to know glove, tough glove.

                      It needs to end the long night.

                   He needs to see the light.


                They all know for him, it is not a good thing.

                           It does make them cry.

                      All they can do is stand by.

               They must stand and observe.

              Something that nobody deserves.

                          They just wish he would quit.


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Have you ever tried praying for help to endure the withdrawal effects as you strive to quit your addictions? Praying for help to fill the void as you quit is a sweet aid, whenever tempted and before temptation, pray, talk to God about your need for help, how you are feeling, help to endure that, and whatever other things may be plaguing your mind and heart.