Every guy dreams, it seems.

                Every guy dreams.


                at night.

                Seeing a great site;

                a beautiful, intelligent woman.

                at night, seeing the moon.

                Yes, guys dare.

                Being somewhere with a woman.

                without a care.

                maybe a fair.

                Every guy dreams,

                at night, the moon.

                Being on a sand dune with

                a beautiful, intelligent, woman.

                Seeing a loon.

                Two minds beginning to swoon.

                Two people beginning to unwind.

                Thinking what a find, they have both


                There is not a sound.

                But, the birds and the water.

                With nobody around.

                Every guy lets their mind fly at times.

                I know why.

                Every guy lets their mind fly in the sky.

                No, it's not a sin.

                Every guy wants to win the date.

                Every guy wants to win the mate.

                Every guy wants to have something to


                Every guy lets their mind say goodbye to


                Every guy dreams.

                When they read in a book.

                When they spy with their eye.

                Guys that are doing better than them.


                Every guy

                dreams of          

                a guy getting

                the woman that they wanted.

                in a car with another man.

                Getting ready for a trip across the land.

                Watching from afar.

                A guy cry.

                My oh me?

                Why oh why, did it have to be him?


                You see,

                Why oh why, gee, can't it be me.

                Every guy dreams of

                a love that is far away.

                Where they cannot play.

                Every guy dreams of the day,

                their love will come back.

                Their eye gets wetter.

                No guy will admit,

                a cry.

                Crying in a tiny slit.

                A guy that gets a letter of love.

                A letter of love, that fits him better than

                a glove.


                Oh, every guy dreams.  

                Yes, they do.


                Woo hoo.

                They dream of meeting somebody just like you.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

  Yes, girls, I'm single.
But, I am working to change that.
All offers are considered.

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