The Apocalypse will not be Televised

The ocean's getting hot babe

so dip your toes into the fish fry

while were inside blasting AC

the TV drones on saying we're all gonna die,

I don't think this is the season to burn

when eggheads are drying their sweat

on college degrees

and mid-twenties something "U up?" texts,

"Terrible times" my friend says

blistering in the holes of ozone

reaching for that sunblock 

so you bet I can tell God that the end of days is postponed,

I'm in the zone

just not the demilitirazied one

asking for a blindfold before I'm told

that I've been dealt the shot

and I can see now that the blood's dryed and gone cold,

This picture is a dark one

in which the sun looks like a black spot

in the midst of decisions  

wishing for a new universe

devoid of the human condition


but I'm over it now

since the TV's melting in fission

plopping popcorn in my mouth

with a bright glowing heap of tension 

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